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Before my current relationship, I was going out every night. There was nothing more exciting to me that the idea of going to new places and meeting new people. He kept up so well that I actually started to think that he was an extrovert like me! And, while this seems like it would cause problems, it actually tends to make things easier from a relationship standpoint because each partner balances the other out.I mean, I knew that he was a little on the quiet side, but I can be that way too, so I didn’t think much of it. So remember, be patient if your partner’s introvertedness is frustrating you, and understand that the balance he provides will help you become a better person if you let it.But, like I said, I’m not incredibly outgoing for an extrovert.

My boyfriend and I have gotten really good at this, but we definitely struggled with it for a while.If you’re dating an introverted man and struggling, or if you’re thinking about pursuing a relationship with one, here are a few things you’ll want to consider trying to make things go more smoothly: So, you’ve met a great new guy (or are trying to figure out the one you already have). He’d much rather stay in and read a book, watch a movie, or play some video games.While his wants are completely understandable, you should realize that his introvertedness doesn’t mean that should have to stay in all of the time too.It’s really tough to relate to the people around you when you don’t feel accepted because of your personality and tendency to need alone time.The point is this: you need to accept your introvert for who he is. He’ll always feel drained when he’s been around other people for too long. By being accepting, you’ll make him comfortable and help lay the foundation for a strong, trusting relationship. Concerts, bars, museums – you name it, and we went there. at Psychology Today explain that introverts and extroverts have opposite ways of dealing with stress and getting their emotional needs met.

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