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Do you plan to give this a digital/DVD/Blu-ray release so that people can see what it is all about after the tour or will the tour just continue if successful?

Terrance Zdunich: We’re open to all avenues and we’re just going to see where the road tour takes us.

‘Repo’ was remounted again in 2004 at West Hollywood’s Split ID Theatre, and finally, for the last time, it was seen on stage in 2005 at the Off-Off Broadway Wings Theatre in NYC with Zdunich both acting and directing.

and becoming an associate producer, despite the film's limited theatrical release to 11 theaters in America, Repo has gained an international cult fan base and was ranked amongst the top 25 cult movies of all time by a Rolling Stone readers' poll In 2009, in an effort to return to his drawing roots, Zdunich began work on a solo project, a comic book series dubbed The Molting, the Molting, which is being published independently, is expected to be released in 12 parts. The Devil's Carnival road tour, Zdunich announced a new musical collaboration with composer Saar Hendelman called American Murder Song, a collection of original murder ballads set in 1816 America.

Basically, we have a horror story with dark macabre subject matter put to rock music, and we make that format accessible to people that would otherwise dismiss it.

I remember years back that Darren Lynn Bousman mentioned that there were ideas for a Repo sequel.

You’ll really want to be there because there will be craziness, people dressing up, and people singing in the aisles. There will be people that might really want to see this, but for scheduling or location reasons, will be unable to attend.

We’re doing something that is out of the box, and as such, it almost feels wrong to give it a DVD release now.

I think it would be great to do a DVD release down the road, when there are more episodes.

is a 1 hour short film that was specifically designed as part of a live experience.

Starting this week, Darren and Terrance begin a 30-city road tour, which will provide fans with a unique show at every stop.

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