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A couple of years younger, maybe, but I’m not a cougar. LR: As hard as I am— or they think I am—I’m sensitive.

I need them to have an open schedule, because when you’re your own boss, then you don’t have to tell me about vacation days and sick days you have to take. EBONY.com: What’s something that you would love for people to know about you that may not be so obvious? Oh, I gotta do that.’ It just makes you do that and it makes you start caring more about the world that we’re in.

I hadn’t got a divorce settlement nor alimony and I just came back like Tina Turner, just with my name. But after sitting in my room realizing what point I was at, it was like, OK, no is not an option. And that’s when the business side of me said, If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Everybody wants to know about this story, they keep writing what they think happened, let me be able to tell ‘em, because you need to hear that story from the horse’s mouth and I’m that horse.

My house was protected, because my house was in a trust in my daughter’s name years before.

"I'm walking a path now that is a path through my journey, my spiritual journey.

I'm working on my relationship with God and I needed some answers," she said, discussing a trip she took to a Bishop TD Jakes conference where she felt like he was preaching directly to her.

EBONY.com: Stacey Dash isn’t on the show anymore and Denise Vasi is the new girl. LR: We don’t have a lot of time to be able to find our chemistry or our relationship. So it’s really about when we get here, we’re in hair and makeup, we may say, ‘Hey, hi,’ whatever, but a history of a relationship I can’t really speak on it, because we’re finding it as we’re doing the work. She’s stepped in and just made the tone of the set nothing like it was last year …

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—the show returns Memorial Day weekend—and much like her character, the former video vixen Keisha Greene, Lisa Raye is a shoot-it-from-the-hip kind of woman.

Her ex-husband Michael Misick, was the Premier of the British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean, and their post marital bliss was a tailspin of financial mismanagement, infidelity and any other news lines we like to sneak and read in the supermarket checkout line. And the kind of chick that doesn’t put up with any relationship tomfoolery. Here’s what else the actress —and ahem, she’s single and knows exactly who she wants—shared with us: EBONY.com: How close to Lisa Raye is Keisha Greene? She has all these philosophies about love and she can’t get her own love life together. There was not the love in which was for better or worse type of love in my marriage. LR: Spiritual, powerful, established, successful and with all that comes wealth, so I don’t have to say that.

Before she jumped back into doing scripted television, she had a departure in the reality world, with her show Even though we tuned in for that reality show— it was one of the network’s highest rated shows at the time and with the VH1 scripted series, we saw what we have long imagined Lisa Raye to be like in real life. Lisa Raye: I actually see a little bit of myself in all the characters. This time around, if you ever hear that I’m getting married, which I hope will be soon —but doesn’t mean I’m dating anybody—I’ll be in love this time. I think Keisha hides a lot of her feelings but Lisa Raye doesn’t. EBONY.com: What really brought you to that point where you are comfortable to just tell it like it is?

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