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How ignorant it is of sharing this planet with other creatures.Its lack of native intelligence, common sense, or spirituality addressed to the earth…On Tuesday morning (May 29, 2018) the Canadian Sun-Times reported Joni Mitchell and boyfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.The couple was seen closely eyeing some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores — especially major diamond baubles that could only be described as the kind usually slipped on a woman’s left-hand ring finger. (read more)According to some insiders, they'll soon be engaged. Rumor Explodes on Twitter Naturally, the Sun-Times’ article sent Facebook and Twitter into a frenzy.

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I think maybe that's the beginning of my contempt for my species and what it does.

She was the darling of the west coast music scene during the seventies.

With a string of highly publicized affairs - Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jackson Brown, James Taylor and Warren Beatty – and a back catalogue of song standards, Joni Mitchell defined an era in the music industry known as much for its sexual excess as its creativity.

Decades later she would co-operate with Marom to publish a series of interviews with her This is the startling reality revealed in Joni Mitchell, In Her Own Words Conversations with Malka Marom (published by ECW Press), and out this month, it is an unflinching insight into the eight-times Grammy winning singer/songwriter’s lifelong battle with chronic illness, the pain of giving up her daughter for adoption, paranoia and a rare disease that literally makes her feel like her skin is crawling Mitchell was stricken with polio when she was eight years old and she has been crippled by a lifelong insecurity complex as well as an unnamed disorder that caused her to burst into tears at nothing significant - the book reveals that even the sight of a bulldozer once made her sob.

She has become forgetful and suffers from Morgellons, a rare, mysterious and controversial disease that attacks the nervous system that makes sufferers feel like there are parasites living under the skin.

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