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Washington went back home to Mount Vernon after his second term ended in 1797.He died on December 14, 1799, in Mount Vernon, at the age of 67, from pneumonia.A few years later, Washington was called upon to host the discussions for the new government.He was voted president of the Constitutional Convention in 1785.AKA George Stevens Hamilton Born: 12-Aug-1939Birthplace: Memphis, TNGender: Male Religion: Christian Science Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: Well-tanned celebrity Father: George Hamilton ("Spike", d. 19)Girlfriend: Lynda Bird Johnson (together in 1966)Girlfriend: Britt Ekland (Bond girl)Wife: Alana Stewart (actor, m. 2000) High School: Hackley School, Tarrytown, NY Endorsement of Miller Brewing Company 1999 Endorsement of RJR Nabisco (2003-07) amf AR National Council Caribou Club Golden Globe 1960 Most Promising Newcomer (shared) Draft Deferment: Vietnam 3-A (1966) Wedding: Larry Fortensky and Elizabeth Taylor (1991) Risk Factors: Smoking Milius (9-Mar-2013) · Himself The L. Riot Spectacular (25-Apr-2005) · The King of Beverly Hills The Hollywood Mom's Mystery (8-Aug-2004) Hollywood Ending (3-May-2002) Reflections of Evil (22-Mar-2002) Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (12-Apr-2001) Casper Meets Wendy (8-Sep-1998) She's Too Tall (Feb-1998) The Little Unicorn (1998) · Allonso Rough Riders (20-Jul-1997) 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (18-Apr-1997) · Dick Bennett Meet Wally Sparks (16-Jan-1997) · Himself Playback (9-Jan-1996) Vanished (3-Apr-1995) Double Dragon (4-Nov-1994) Amore! (28-Apr-1967) · Harlan Wycliff That Man George (24-Apr-1966) Viva Mara! 21-May-2004)Mother: June Howard (stepmother)Mother: June Howard (his stepmother, affair c. 30-Sep-1974)Girlfriend: Wendy Vanderbilt Girlfriend: Soraya Esfandiary (2nd wife of the Shah of Iran)Girlfriend: Kimberley Backford (one son)Son: George Thomas Hamilton (b. Halberstrom The Godfather: Part III (25-Dec-1990) Malibu (23-Jan-1983) Zorro, the Gay Blade (17-Jul-1981) Death Car on the Freeway (25-Sep-1979) Love at First Bite (13-Apr-1979) From Hell to Victory (1979) The Users (1-Oct-1978) Sextette (3-Mar-1978) The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington (7-Sep-1977) · Ward Thompson Roots (23-Jan-1977) Once Is Not Enough (18-Jun-1975) The Dead Don't Die (14-Jan-1975) The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (31-Oct-1973) Evel Knievel (Nov-1971) Togetherness (1970) The Power (21-Feb-1968) · Jim Tanner Jack of Diamonds (10-Nov-1967) · Jeff Hill A Time for Killing (15-Aug-1967) Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding!The Second Continental Congress chose him to be the commanding general of the Continental Army.Washington led the army from 1775 until the end of the war in 1783.

His decision set a precedent that every president followed until Franklin D. In Washington's farewell address, he warned the country not to divide into political parties and to not get involved in wars outside of the United States. Washington always aspired to be a soldier and was active in the colonial militia of Virginia.In 1759, Washington married a widow named Martha Custis. Washington was a delegate to the First Continental Congress, which was created by the Thirteen Colonies to respond to various laws passed by the British government.He was offered a government position that would have been considered a dictatorship over the colonies, but in a surprising move, Washington refused, left the army, and returned to Mount Vernon.He wanted the colonies to have a strong government but did not wish to head that government, nor did he want the colonies to be run by a tyrant.

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