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Online dating services such as and [email protected] thriving as men and women post ads and photos of themselves in search of the perfect mate. Ellen) says online dating is an advantage for people who are uncomfortable about meeting people in public places, or who are new to an area.Indeed, most relationship counselors, including The Rules Girls, Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, agree that logging on can be a great way to meet your match. Online dating services also can be a good option if you frequently travel for work or have children or other responsibilities that make going out to meet people difficult.In addition, most sites allow the user to place a photo along with a personal ad, and some even have audio capability so you can listen to your potential soul mate's voice.While this may sound a bit superficial at first, Internet dating actually takes the whole "meat market" aspect out of the dating process because it allows you to weed out the players. Shop around until you find one that best suits your particular needs.This study surveyed a nationally-representative sample of 5,700 middle and high school students between the ages of 12 and 17 in the United States. Cell phones and other mobile devices continue to be the most popular… This study surveyed a random sample of 4441 youth between the ages of 10 and 18 from a large school district in the southern United States. Cell phones continue to be the most popular technology…

Online dating services provide chat rooms that allow you to get to know someone before you exchange photos or phone numbers.Data were collected in in the spring of 2007 from 30 different schools. This abuse can include being monitored, stalked, threatened and harassed through hurtful comments, the researchers said.We have surveyed more than 20,000 students from middle and high schools from across the United States in twelve unique projects.The following two charts show the percent of respondents who have experienced cyberbullying at some point… Cell phones and other mobile devices continue to be the most popular technology utilized…

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