Updating arxiv papers

We considered those issues, and a variety of other sticky considerations, at length.Another important consideration for the ar Xiv team was the broader question of when to implement new features ourselves, as part of our core service, and when to empower other developers innovate using our content and APIs. Fermat’s Library recently released a Chrome extension called Librarian, for example, that provides links to cited references while browsing ar Xiv PDFs.The papers are clustered together according to how they reference each other i.e. This is done by modeling the papers as particles in a physical system, with references acting as attractive forces between papers - read more. Please report any bugs or feature requests to Github.

One of the decisions that we made early on is that, wherever the reader is ultimately directed, all of the links will point back to a resolver endpoint that we control.On the other hand, we recognize that authors take great pains to craft their papers, and that modifying the PDF version of their paper may be overly intrusive.Injecting links into PDFs raises quite a few other procedural issues: would we inject links retroactively?CERMINE, Ref Extract, and GROBID each excelled at different fields in the metadata.For example, Ref Extract excelled at extracting DOIs.

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