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As much I'd sometimes like to avoid talking about certain things, we always deal with any issues we have head on. We communicate openly and honestly with each other and I really believe that the talking (and listening! This way, when he's done running and I'm done writing, we can spend quality time together. Though I've received countless emails, cards, and notes from him over the past month, I still feel a shock of excitement when I see his email address in my in-box or a handwritten note on the kitchen counter.

Finding a way to spend a lot of time together isn't always easy, but it's one of the best ways to keep the love alive in any relationship. Too often after the initial phase of love, people forget how important the little things are.

He was dependable and unambiguous — everything I'd never wanted in a man.

s Last October I found myself in a place of vague contentment.

Since that fateful day when he walked into the airport and into my life, I've learned so much about myself, about my life, about what it means to truly, honestly, openly love.

(For more on some of the lessons I've learned, check out the two-part series 30 Lessons I Learned From Love.) And, after a year of this love, I can honestly say that the excitement of the beginning, the thrill of those early days with him, is still there. Like any great love, there have been some challenges over the past year, but none of the difficulties we've faced have challenged the way we feel for each other.

Or when I sat dejectedly awaiting my turn in housing court and he filled my phone's inbox with supportive texts.Now, I've been in enough relationships to know those butterflies aren't easy to come by.After the initial honeymoon phase wears off, it's unusual to look at the person you're with and feel that flitting, fluttering feeling of excitement.He makes everything in my life more positive; he makes me want to stay in the present.With just a smile, just a look, he keeps those butterflies floating around inside me, fluttering their wings against my ribcage.

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