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Therefore, most clinicians are reluctant to diagnose intellectual disability in children less than two years old.The exceptions to this are when a child has a condition that is known to cause intellectual disabilities.If it appears your child might have an intellectual disability, the school will have your child tested by the school's psychologist (without charge).However, you can be proactive and hire a child psychologist of your own choosing.Sometimes a child is too young to be properly assessed.Other times, the child may not be able to complete tests.A common example would be a child with Down syndrome.

The term "developmental delay" indicates that children are slow to reach developmental milestones.

Adaptive functioning refers to the skills needed to live independently in a safe and socially responsible manner. Possible signs of intellectual disability: When caregivers or teachers notice these signs, they should talk to a qualified healthcare provider.

These are the skills needed self-care, employment, health, and safety.

Intellectual disabilities are identified by two key diagnostic criteria. The second diagnostic criterion is deficient adaptive functioning. These are skills related to language, literacy, mathematics, time, and self-direction. These include problems with communication, self-care, independent living, interpersonal relationships, accessing community resources, self-direction, employment, education, health, and safety.

Severely limited mental abilities cause many problems. Second, it is difficult to make wise decisions and use good judgment. Fourth, it makes people more vulnerable to victimization. In summary, people with intellectual disabilities may experience a broad range of difficulties.

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