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That is Christ’s great atoning example for us, and it ought to be more evident in the kindness we show, the respect we give, and the selflessness and courtesy we employ in our personal relationships.Love is a fragile thing, and some elements in life can try to break it.Never mind that the ides of February were actually the day before yesterday. Wouldn’t you like to say something on this night of nights?

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If we do it right, we end up sharing everything—all our hopes, all our fears, all our dreams, all our weaknesses, and all our joys—with another person.

Not only are answers found in Christ, but so is the power, the gift, the bestowal, the miracle of giving and receiving those answers. ” (Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Sonnets from the Portuguese [1850], no.

In this matter of love, no doctrine could be more encouraging to us than that. 43.) I am not going to “count the ways” this morning, but I am impressed with her choice of adverb—not when do I love thee nor where do I love thee nor why do I love thee nor why don’t you love me, but, rather, how. Real love is best shown in the “how,” and it is with the how that Mormon and Paul help us the most.

No serious courtship or engagement or marriage is worth the name if we do not fully invest all that we have in it and in so doing trust ourselves totally to the one we love.

You cannot succeed in love if you keep one foot out on the bank for safety’s sake.

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