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he organized a media prank following Charles Lindbergh's successful New York City–Paris flight; Sartre & Co.

called newspapers and informed them that Lindbergh was going to be awarded an honorary École degree.

The British historian Ian Ousby observed that the French always had far more hatred for collaborators than they did for the Germans, noting it was French people like Déat that Sartre wanted to assassinate rather than the military governor of France, General Otto von Stülpnagel, and the popular slogan always was "Death to Laval! However, both Gide and Malraux were undecided, and this may have been the cause of Sartre's disappointment and discouragement.

Socialisme et liberté soon dissolved and Sartre decided to write instead of being involved in active resistance.

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Sartre noted when Wehrmacht soldiers asked Parisians politely in their German-accented French for directions, people usually felt embarrassed and ashamed as they tried their best to help out the Wehrmacht with led Sartre to remark "We could not be natural".

He then wrote Being and Nothingness, The Flies, and No Exit, none of which were censored by the Germans, and also contributed to both legal and illegal literary magazines.

In his essay "Paris under the Occupation", Sartre wrote about the "correct" behavior of the Germans had entrapped too many Parisians into complicity with the occupation, accepting what was unnatural as natural, writing: "The Germans did not stride, revolver in hand, through the streets.

In 1929 at the École Normale, he met Simone de Beauvoir, who studied at the Sorbonne and later went on to become a noted philosopher, writer, and feminist.

The two became inseparable and lifelong companions, initiating a romantic relationship, The first time Sartre took the agrégation, he failed.

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