Texas cuckold dating

Jerry always used to tell me she was the “best piece of ass he had ever had” and Jerry had his share.

He was the good looking athletic type guy who went on to law school and had made a butt load of money working as a personal injury attorney.

When we got to the house we were all three kind of wired and not ready to go to sleep.

We were in the den visiting and Jerry reached in his pocket and pulled out a couple of joints and said, “You guys want to do this?

He worked his way down between her legs and started lapping at her pussy – something she loves.

When we had stripped down I realized I had forgotten how well Jerry was hung, about seven and half or eight inches and thick.

They were getting married on our anniversary which made it even more special.

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Terri reached for the drawer where she kept her dildos and grabbed a tube of lube.We all remained friends; he was my best man and I was his. He had since been married twice more and had been divorced from the third wife for several years now.We had not seen each other in probably ten to twelve years. I was pretty sure she had fooled around with some of the guys where she worked, but nothing like what we had gone through at Shreveport.I never knew why Terri and Jerry had broken up, neither one of them would say much.Terri and I ran into each other a few months after they broke up and started dating.

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