Talking your kids dating after divorce

The bigger, and more significant benefit to me about this conversation is that I hope I’ve opened the door for conversations between my kids and I about their dating.I like to think that because they know I’m dating, they could turn to me about questions …and not because they know I have the answers because I clearly don’t but rather that they know I can help them figure out what they want. even though I have my children’s blessings, I have not called my date. It’s been about a month and I’m feeling that maybe I’ve left it too long?Instead of facing more loss, take time to grieve the loss of your marriage first. Eventually, you’ll know when it’s time to begin a relationship.Anyone who’s been through divorce knows how stressful it can be.

If you want to date without causing problems for yourself, your dates, or your family, it’s important to follow a few rules.

You see, several months back I had had a casual conversation with him about dating and the upshot was he said he’d rather I waited until he was in college which would be about three years.

I agreed with a comment from @mightbeatranny that I shouldn’t let my children dictate my dating life but at the same time it just didn’t feel right doing this in secret.

It’s important to send some key messages in that conversation: I’m taking this dating thing slow, I’ll typically date in a way that will not take away from our time together as a family, you’ll be the first to know if I ever develop any genuine feelings for anyone.

How much you want to discuss your date with your children depends on your relationship with them.

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