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A quick “one” flash of their headlights or a side tilt of the head means they are just saying hello.

They might also shake a leg at you There will be 2 main classification of roads you will face outside of towns and motorways: (!

Foreign coach drivers however are a different matter entirely.

Along with time honored pilgrimages to the Alps and Pyrenees Irelands west coast is utterly unmissable!

Irelands west coast is one of Europes few bastions of wild, unspoilt areas full of ancient history and tradition left in western Europe, the Alps, Pyrenees, Picos, Northern Scotland and Scandinavia being its only real rivals.

But unlike anywhere else, you’re as likely to enjoy it just as much on the back of a simple moped as you are on a 1200GS Adventure.

Tragic: Trevor Wallwork (right) and his two young children died from carbon monoxide poisoning at their home.

He is pictured alongside his late wife Susan (left), who died six months later, and her daughter Vicky Barnes (centre) who discovered the tragic scene After repeatedly banging on doors and windows of the bungalow in Gurteen, she saw Mr Wallwork unresponsive in an armchair with the children on the floor and the television and Christmas lights still on.

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