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World-class displays at Maropeng Visitor Centre provide incredible insight into the evolution of humankind and a tiny glimpse of life a few million years ago.

Meet Mrs Ples, a 2.1 million-year old Australopithecus skull and Little Foot, an almost complete Australopithecus skeleton more than three million years old.

The most recent discovery that has got geologists excited is the partial skeletons of the Australopithecus sediba fossils.

Once you’ve had your fill of educational exhibits at the Maropeng Visitor Centre, it’s time to take a leisurely boat cruise deep underground to a bottomless lake.The two skeletons are of an adult female and a young male, recently named “Karabo”, which means “answer” in Setswana.The Cradle of Humankind encompasses the farms of Sterkfontein, Swartkrans and Kromdraai that are located an hour’s drive from Johannesburg.If it’s true that Africa is the cradle of all mankind – and most palaeontologists believe this to be so – then Sterkfontein Caves is surely one of the continent’s sacred sites.The Sterkfontein caves have been described as the ‘anthropological treasure-house of the world’.

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