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Some products feature showerheads with telescoping arms that can be effortlessly adjusted up and down, and radially as well.

The adjustability can help in other ways, too: If you don't want your hair to get wet, just move the arm down.

But, generally, the thicker and heavier it is, the better it's quality.

If the look of fiberglass or acrylic does not appeal to you, and the limited color selections give you pause, then you re a good candidate for the most widely installed shower/tub option, the shower over tub.

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These may include integrated doors, an integrated curtain rod, or just a slot into which a rod may be inserted.These multiple showerhead cabinets are fitted with pumps just like whirlpools that feed high-pressure jets in the unit.Adjustable from merely misty to blow-you-out-the-door, these units are the ultimate extension of the pioneering Water-Pik messaging showerhead of 30 years ago.All in all, a custom-built steam shower will run about double the cost of the same sized self-contained are three basic types of showers: showers built over separate tubs, integrated one-piece tub-shower units and stand-alone showers.

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