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my thinking is that is because am a skinny guy that’s why they don’t like me.. There has been a lot of tension between this chick and I for months. i proposed a rendez-vous to get to know each other but then she quickly replied; “i don’t think my boyfriend is going to like that”. " Very rarely she will respond but sometimes she does.I told her I wasn’t trying to be annoying, and that I just want to get to know you.There are all kinds of ways to do this, but I prefer a line I learned from Future Thompson, a top Love Systems Master Instructor: Woman: I have a boyfriend Future: That’s cool. There's no need for a boyfriend destroyer, just slow it down, let her get more attracted to you, and proceed as normal.However, your odds are best if you make something happen right away. E.g., you can give an excuse to get her number or email, even in front of her boyfriend, by taking a picture and offering to send it to her. But what I usually do instead is convert her into an instant wing-woman.If she mentions her boyfriend more than once, or if she brings him up directly (e.g., “Stop trying to kiss me. However, if you're not sure if she actually has a boyfriend, do NOT start trying to figure out if she really has a boyfriend or not. And if you show that you’re still hung up on this boyfriend thing, she’ll lose attraction. If you want to go for a girl with a boyfriend, that’s up to you.I have a boyfriend.”), then you’ve got to acknowledge it. Don’t worry – eventually her status will become obvious. I know I’m going to get some hate mail for this, but it’s a fact of life and female psychology that most attractive women nearly always have at least one man playing a boyfriend-type role in her life at any given time. In other words – if she says she has a boyfriend, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.Opinion openers are great here, because you ask Ms. Notice also the over-the-top compliments to your attached woman.Blonde to “settle an argument” you are supposedly having with Ms. You can do this if you have acknowledged boundaries – like that she’s married – and that you are obviously no longer hitting on her.

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Some women say they have a boyfriend to discourage a specific guy if she isn’t interested in him.So am asking what should I do to make her my girlfriend.Wow this one is great I have a crush over a year now about weeks ago she told me she have a bf and so I said well congrats and she said thanks so stuff and more stuff we talk as usual then told he I wish both of them will be together till they aged she said haha then I will go dye my hair to gray, now valentines day she got a huge bear and told me about it and I told her ha great now you got a bear to sleep with you you don need your bf anymore (joking) she responded haha no I will keep him ;) just now it was her birthday friend commented on her post saying happy birthday xxx girlfriend (smiley face emoji) (xxx is xxx) she responded thank :) who is xxx?:) well I need help guys help me pls thank you I have a problem and is that am a skinny guy.. Anytime I approach a girl they keep rejecting me and I do exactly what am to do to win them the ways most of my friends did to win their girls I have done the same thing but am still rejected. We talked a few times when i saw her, but nothing more than that.the more I move forward with girls the more they reject me. Her reply was, “you do know I have a boyfriend….that don’t mean I’m not going to take you up on your offer.” I was in the game before I even asked her out lol. Then i did not see her for a few weeks and i got the impression that things were starting to cool off a bit. On that occasion, i told her i liked her and i found her very special,… I’ve been talking to this girl I like for a little while over snapchat, suddenly she kinda stops responding when I say, " Hey what’s up!

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