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The law is only valid in the European territory of the Netherlands and on the Caribbean Islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, but does not apply to the other constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The single legal difference between same-sex marriages and heterosexual marriages was that, in the former case, parentage by both partners was not automatic.

All territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands register same-sex marriages performed in the Netherlands proper as a result of a Dutch Supreme Court ruling.

The Supreme Court ruled that all vital records recorded in the Kingdom of the Netherlands were valid throughout the Kingdom; this was based on its interpretation of the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

At that moment, the Christian Democrats (Christian Democratic Appeal) were not part of the ruling coalition for the first time since the introduction of full democracy.

The special commission finished its work in 1997 and concluded that civil marriage should be extended to include same-sex couples.

They said it will lead to practical and legal problems and could even be dangerous to some participants.

The marriage bill passed the House of Representatives by 109 votes to 33 on 12 September 2000.a.

Despite the fact that there are supposed to be only 150 members in the House of Representatives and that 29 members of the CDA were elected in the 1998 general election, the database shows that there were 30 elected members of the party at the time of the vote.

The new law, which came into effect on 1 April 2014, allows the co-mother who is married to – or has a registered partnership with – the mother can only be automatically recognized as the legal mother if the sperm donor was initially anonymous.

In the case of a known donor, the biological mother decides whether the donor or the co-mother is the child's second legal parent.

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