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Then what started with talking about my problems to an old friend developed into a new love.

After years of thinking that sex was not really important, and that skiing was much more exciting, I discovered what I have been missing all those years.

Keep in mind that getting rejected does not sum up your personality. It can even help you to straighten your brain and toughen your heart to fight for what you want…and get what you want eventually. You can smell desperation miles away and it’s not pretty. Love yourself, take care of yourself and believe that good things happen – both inside and outside the bedroom.

These are questions that Lucie Novak answers in her poignant memoir, A Woman with (No) Strings Attached: A memoir, which follows the sexual exploits and liberation of a woman in her fifties.

At this stage of your life, chances are that you’re done with the bar scene and clubs or parties hold little to no appeal. If you’re a mature dater looking for no strings attached fun, you’ve come to the right place.

No Strings Mature Sex makes finding mature sex partners in your area easier than ever! Unlike many other online dating sites which seem to cater to a younger demographic, No Strings Mature is a mature dating site specifically designed for senior singles and over 50s in the UK.

I met a man who was comfortable talking about sex, and patient and interested enough to introduce me to sex which was not like a gift, sex where my pleasure was as important for him as his own. And then, it became even more unusual and not following conventional path or morality, I never thought I was a sexual being.

I realised what most other women probably always knew, sex was fun. I was not interested in sex as a young woman, and really only became sexually active because it was expected of me.

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