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Extracting iron ore from a rock would be an impressive thing to see even in today’s modern setting.

Learn to purify water, build your own tools, make your own glue, tan your own leather or weave your own baskets.

Communication is something we take for granted today, but in an emergency when standard communications are down, we will all be flocking to those who do have it.

Ham radio operators, old-fashioned CB radios, and even simple long-range walkie-talkies will be in big demand. In some emergencies, boats are the only vehicle we can use to rescue people and to travel.

To wit: If you'd still like to send in your original essay or video on self-sufficiency, survivalism, or prepping -- there's still time! __________________________ Anyone Can Start Prepping Today by Lynette If only I had been prepping those 15 years instead of just dreaming about it.

Prepper’s have an inner need to learn all we can in providing for ourselves and to prepare for The End Of the World As We Know It.

Of course, you may need alternative sources of energy to operate these devices, so maybe there’s another avenue for you to investigate. Your boat can also help fisherman feed people (and you).

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If your home burns down and everything familiar to you is gone, your world as you have known it to date has just ended.

Major disasters can level whole neighborhoods creating TEOWAWKI to large groups of people. Experience takes you to a whole new level of understanding.

If you find yourself in a position where you’ve lost everything, your knowledge is all you have left. Part of prepping is accepting you can’t do it all by yourself, it will take many people and skills to help in an emergency, so anything you contribute is valuable.

It’s also far more complex than it may first appear to a novice.

You need to understand each species behavior in order to track them down with different weapons and ammunition required for different types of animals.

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