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Prison is a very lonely place and they would like to communicate with folks in the outside world.

Most are in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Virginia and Florida, but many ask for pen pals from all over the USA.

“I’ve been very fortunate in that the numbers speak for themselves,” said Wolfe.

Though she did tell the audience that “I’ve had a lot of men say to me, ‘Wow, you’re actually smarter than I thought you’d be,’” which elicited laughter throughout the conference room. Not only have they expanded beyond dating to platonic and professional platforms, but the company has recently hired marketing teams across the world.

Some request men by age groups, most don't care about ages or race or gender, they just want to write to someone.

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I receive requests from ladies in prison for the names of men and women who wish to be pen pals.

Model and new mother Nikki Phillips looked elegant in a black-and-white halter-neck dress for the occasion.

Her frock featured a belt that highlighted her slim waist and then flared out to an A-line silhouette.

“In Silicon Valley you’re under constant pressure to do something or to be somewhere,” said Wolfe.

In Austin, Wolfe’s team “doesn’t feel the pressure to leave work and go to all of these networking events.” “It’s given us a leg up because we’re not always focused on the opportunity to keep up with the Joneses,” she said.

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