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The only reason I am still there is because they took my money in advance -- am waiting for the membership to expire. Hi Tom, I'm very sorry to hear you're not happy with your experience so far on eharmony.After almost 18 years in this business, we really do have many success stories of couples who met on the site and are dating, engaged or married.If this is not your case, please send me more details, and your account information, to Member [email protected] I will look into this for you. I didn't have a very good experience then either but thought that maybe they got their act together. I started to get sent matches within the first eight hours. If the Account Holder forgets their account info, moves, or suddenly disappears, you (the Payer) will be out of luck and continued to be billed on your card ad infinitum. It costs a lot, and you only have the choice of looking at the matches they send you. Each to there own I s'pose but for me i'd rather get chatting with real singles on than spending hours answering questions for science.Those matches were all located where I used to live. When I asked Customer Service to delete my CC info and stop charging against it since this was only a trial, they refused. I'm a very fit, relatively attractive 50 year old, very active, woman! Im not saying it wont work and it probably does but just not how I like to roll.To cancel requires you pay .00 and answer a battery of questions allegedly to establish your identity. There is no cancellation fee associated with closing your account. I decided to call because clearly they weren't understanding. They, again, said that I should really consider changing my distance from 30 miles to 60 miles. You mean to tell me there is nobody at all in a 30 mile radius? I am not driving an hour or more to entertain a relationship. They must use computers from back in the 60s because if your algorithms takes 24 hours or more to match things up then you have serious issues. If you can't get it together after being in business this long then you aren't ever getting it together. A Gift Subscription (in this case a 3-Month Trial) was purchased for a friend who said they'd give it a try.

All they do is send you matches they say are "compatible". Winn E, we have made improvements as to our services thus our site will appear different, we hope in a positive fashion.

Do you really want someone much, much heavier than you who is miles and miles away? e Harm could apply picture recognition algorithms to help find true love.

(There are very few local selections and the good ones don't respond! Someone who is an "8" really doesn't want to sift through "2s." This might sound superficial but it is part of the "quality" equation. They match on an algorithm that doesn't impress.

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I thought the reviews might be disgruntled people or w-e. They will not refund, many of the matches are canned same profile with a different picture. I AGREE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME , ENERGY OR DREAMS ON THIS SITE. One guy was on a horse and you see the horse but he was cut off at the waist so you can't see his face. I see they have started up their ads again and these "couples" that met on e Harmony tell you they are not actors, they are real people that met on the site.

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