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To have, 250-plus nights a year, audiences of thousands chanting your name.

To have the leggy blond girlfriend, the limitless champagne and the piles of money, and famous musicians begging for the production magic he brought to "Levels," his inescapable 2011 electronic dance music hit in which Etta James has a good feeling, over and over, for three and a half minutes.

To have the girls hyperventilating, "I want to fuck him so bad," whenever he appears, which one blonde is telling her friend right now at high-decibel volume, although Tim can't hear her, he's too immersed in cuing up the next track that is going to keep people going completely apeshit.," he'd said in his Swedish accent a few days earlier.

He rifles a hand through his scraggly blond hair, sincerity in his icy blue eyes.

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But after Tim warily ambled up, all disheveled-Viking hipster, a grander vision began to take shape.Four years ago, Tim Bergling was a high school kid in Stockholm, remixing songs on his laptop in the style of house-music acts like Swedish House Mafia and posting the results in the comments sections of music blogs.While his parents were confounded by the "constant thumping" coming out of their youngest son's bedroom, his ear for melody caught the attention of Ash Pournouri, an ambitious then 26-year-old club promoter who could see the electronic-music boom coming and wanted in on it."Especially now that electronic dance music is getting so big and saturated, and there's a lot more like similar DJs competing against each other.People are just coming out of He should know, because Avicii kind of came out of nowhere.

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