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Stored here as part of the games are XP854 Scout, XX744 Jaguar fuselage, ZD276 Lynx cabin, G-AOHL Viscount cockpit with the centre section of fuselage of F27 3C-QSB next to it, G-AREE PA23 unmarked, G-BKLS Gazelle cabin, G-BOIP C152 fuselage, G-OBPL EMB110 fuselage and an unknown dark green SD3-60 fuselage.

Only the Scout can be seen from the road outside and that's only be getting some height and looking over the fence.

Also visible from here are XZ372 Jaguar and ZA110 Jetstream with the fire service - away to the right beyond the runway 16 threshold. Dyce train station has a bridge and a path that leads to more hangars - Bristow, Bond helicopters, Gama Aviation/Air ambulance.

The mound is north of the eastern hangars and accessed by entering the main industrial estate off the A947, turning right at the roundabout and following the road round to the left.

Take the next right onto Foinavon Close, park up for free and the mound is in front of you.

Here you get decent views of the terminal and all hangars.

The police make regular tours and may question you but they're happy for you to be there.

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