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While parts in plain English talk of his calling the colonists to prayers at all hours, the coded paragraphs show he was accused of sexual misconduct by one Anne Welch, wife of a doctor to the colonists, James Welch.The secret code in the 270-year-old diaries is pictured on the right Mrs Welch first told Charles Wesley that the governor of the colony of Georgia, James Oglethorpe, was 'a wicked man' who kept three mistresses in England.

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Paddock also reportedly attempted to buy a large quantity of tracer ammunition in the month prior to the attack, however the dealer he approached did not have any in stock.

As we reported in January, Paddock seemingly emailed himself discussing firearms, as revealed in an unsealed warrant; “Investigators have been unable to figure out why Stephen Paddock would be exchanging messages related to weapons that were utilized in the attack between two of his email accounts.

I saw her and him were under the bushes.' Within months, Charles was back in England - but his diaries show the misconduct rumours were still circulating years on, and that later allegations of 'lewdness' followed.

The diaries also reveal strained relations between Charles and John.

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