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This might lead us to believe that there’s an undiagnosed issue with Adobe Reader we need to look into.Now, we can click on individual warnings to get a better understanding of what happened. In this case, it looks like Windows tried to work with Adobe Reader and provided us an error number.When it comes to hidden gems in Windows, nothing beats the Reliability monitor tool, hidden behind a link inside of another tool that you don’t use either. Imagine your computer has started flaking out and locking up for the last week, and you aren’t quite sure why.Why Microsoft doesn’t shine more light on this really useful troubleshooting tool, we’ll never know. All you have to do is open up Reliability Monitor and check what happened to start the crashes in the first place. Well, Microsoft buried it behind a lot of clicks, so we’re not even going to give you all those steps.Maybe you installed a new application or added new hardware.Maybe the odd behavior is the result of installing a software or operating system update.Windows 8 has a handful of built-in tools that most users have no clue about.In this post, we’ll go over the Windows Reliability Monitor.

It’s an extremely useful way to do some analysis when you’re asked to fix somebody else’s computer.

The Windows Reliability Monitor will assess your system stability on any given day on a scale of one to ten.

The higher the stability number, the better off your system is.

To do so, use the [Windows] W keystroke to access the Settings Search page.

Then, begin to type Reliability in the text box and when you see View reliability history appear, as shown in Figure A, select it to launch the tool.

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