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We're also going to show you how the Community Reinvestment Act, which was designed to help people of color, is producing some unintended results.Our reporters Aaron Glantz and Emmanuel Martinez, along with producer Katharine Mieszkowski have been traveling the country digging into this issue.It took nine years for congress to pass the Community Reinvestment Act, which required banks to lend to qualified borrowers in so called blighted neighborhoods.

The first major league baseball team to offer a bobblehead giveaway was the San Francisco Giants, which distributed 35,000 Willie Mays head nodders at their May 9, 1999 game.[1] The variety of bobbleheads has grown to include even relatively obscure popular culture figures and notable people.

But it is full of loopholes: It doesn’t apply to mortgage brokers or cover internet banking, and it allows banks to claim credit for loaning almost exclusively to white applicants moving into historically black neighborhoods – supposedly lifting up low-income areas, but also enabling gentrification.

Ahead of this week’s episode, our reporters analyzed 31 million government mortgage records and determined that people of color were more likely than whites to be denied a conventional home loan in 61 metro areas, including Atlanta, Detroit and Washington.

Although older bobbleheads like the baseball teams and The Beatles were sought after by collectors during this period, new bobblehead dolls were few and far between.

What finally prompted their resurgence was cheaper manufacturing processes, and the main bobblehead material switched, this time from ceramic to plastic.

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