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Dojo provides an abstracted wrapper ( also supports other transports (such as hidden IFrames) and a variety of data formats.Using this approach, it is easy to have the data a user enters into a form sent to the server "behind the scenes"; the server can then reply with some Java Script code that updates the presentation of the page.

Workaround: Restart the application without removing the FCD. o Under OS X and Linux, Switch to application crashes the app, and FCD remains in bootloader mode. From the fully featured front end, put the dongle into Bootloader mode by pressing the “Reset to bootloader” button. The Frequency Control app will no longer be able to send messages to the dongle once it is in bootloader mode.

For example, Dojo abstracts the differences among diverse browsers to provide APIs that will work on all of them (it can even run on the server under Node.js); it establishes a framework for defining modules of code and managing their interdependencies; it provides build tools for optimizing Java Script and CSS, generating documentation, and unit testing; it supports internationalization, localization, and accessibility; and it provides a rich suite of commonly needed utility classes and user-interface widgets. The entire toolkit can be downloaded as a ZIP and is also hosted on the Google CDN.

The toolkit includes about three thousand Java Script modules, in addition to images and other resources.

I spent an awful lot of time trying to make sure it’s very difficult to “brick” the FCD, in fact I haven’t managed to do it yet in its current version). HIDQuery returns 1 Query message: FCDBL FCD in bootloader mode Byte address range: 0x002A00 - 0x007E00 PC address range: 0x001C00 - 0x005400 Device ID address set Device ID read, DEVID=0x4203, DEVREV=0x0200 4. Press the “Reset to app” button and the dongle will now be back in SDR mode.

Open the firmware image file with the “Open file” button.

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