Problem updating firmware for nec nd 2510a Free fuck sites no creditcard info

Unfortunately the only way to find out whether your enclosure is supported or not is by acutally trying to flash.Dumping or flashing may also fail due to insufficient rights.Some Dual Athlon boards will not work with the Windows versions of Binflash either.The reason for this is unclear and the only solution here is to use DOS or Linux for flashing.First of all several external USB or Firewire enclosures do not pass the necessary commands to the drive.The only way to get around this is to take your drive out of the enclosure and directly attach it to an IDE port.When I click "Okay", I then get this: Sense Key = Illegal Request Sense Code= 0x30, 0x05 Cannot Write Medium - Incompatible Format And then the disk is ejected.I have tried updating the firmware for the drive, updating Toast, switching cables and Firewire ports, but all to no avail.

After decompression you should have a file that is executed by entering necflash or ./necflash in some cases on Mac and Linux.

This is done with the following command Binflash - NEC version - (C) by Herrie and Liggy Visit of supported devices: Device : 1.0.0 Vendor : _NEC Model : DVD_RW ND-3540A Firmware : 1.02 Device : 2.0.1 Vendor : _NEC Model : DVD_RW ND-2510A Firmware : 2.18 " then that is what you need to use on your specific hardware.

Before updating the firmware of your drive, you should make a backup of your current firmware if you want to get back in case of problems with the new version.

If you want to get a more detailled output, you can add a Dumping firmware Reading FLASH at 0x006000 in bank 0 Reading FLASH at 0x007000 in bank 0 Reading FLASH at 0x008000 in bank 0 . In most cases Binflash also accepts firmware executables that combine the flashing software and the new firmware.

If everything goes well, the new firmware will be flashed within a few seconds. Sending firmware to drive at 0x0ee000 Sending firmware to drive at 0x0f6000 Sending firmware to drive at 0x0fe000 Sending checksum to drive Erasing flash block 2 Erasing flash block 3 . Erasing flash block 17 Erasing flash block 18 Writing flash block 2 Writing flash block 3 . Writing flash block 17 Writing flash block 18 If one of the command fails and you cannot see the reason for this, you should first check if you are already using the latest Binflash version.

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