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This was a real threesome that all of us were enjoying. Shock because Steve had never been even mildly gay before, surprised because I was enjoying watching him change his sexual leanings without feeling insecure. Their bodies entwined into each other, hugging like long lost lovers. I began to masturbate, rubbing my clit with my fingers.I could see their hard cocks gyrating against each other's stomachs. After some time Jim's hips began to thrust faster into Steve's mouth.Jim then lay Steve on the floor and began to suck his cock. Within moments he was coming, his cum splashing all over Steve's face who was hungrily licking Jim's cock. I too came for the third time that evening, and I don't think I could have taken any more.Steve was the only one with an erection left and Jim whispered something in his ear.While Steve had his cock deep in my arse I could almost feel another guy below me with his cock in my cunt. We were closing up when I noticed a new man in the gym on my way out. Jim was a student at Wash U and was from Amsterdam. My hand was moving all along his trousers till I could feel his large bulge. He knew that I was married to Steve and asked what if he saw us.

Jim was first to come inside me; his come filling my insides with his hot liquid. He was shoving his cock deep into my bowels with every spasm. Steve's cum soon began to trickle down my anus and fell on Jim's balls, who was enjoying the sensation. He then asked me to turn around with my anus towards his face. I was now lying on my back with my husband's face between my legs and Jim licking my breasts. The one moment that changed our sex lives for infinity.Steve said he was not sure, but the sight in itself was erotic.Then I said something to my husband that shocked him; what if that woman was I and one of those two men was him?Steve looked at me and asked me if I was joking or I was serious?I continued my line of thought and said what if I was serious, adding that I found it sexy, plus I could never get pregnant.

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