Pivot table fields not updating

If the error still persists, goto the slicer button, explicitly create the slicer for that field and then go back, right click the slicer and remove it.The easier option is the delete the slicer at the end of every VBA code snippet by inserting something magical like slicer.delete So let’s look at how we can create a simple slicer using VBA.Slicers, as you would know, are the latest introduction to Excel.As I mentioned in my previous post, they can also be programattically controlled using simple VBA code. Let’s look at the slicer hierarchy – a workbook has slicer caches (accessed the Slicer Caches object), each slicer cache in turn having multiple slicers (one for each pivot table field) and finally each slicer having one slicer object.If the data does not include the May data until it has been updated, the filter isn't removing any entries so can be set to "Show All".Then when the data has been updated for May, the Pivot can be refreshed and the May data will appear, assuming the data range has been modified appropriately.

I want to change the the filters for the month field.This example only loops through five sheets (the 2nd through 6th) and that loop code will need to be changed to follow your workbook construction.If a sheet has more than one pivot table, every table will get updated.An example is I am in May, I want to have jan, feb, mar and apr in the filter to get me new totals. So I would like to have this month filter change for all the pivot tables with only one input instead of having to change each Pivot Table Filter Thanks, Eric You'll definitely want a VBA routine to do something like this.I haven't updated Pivot Tables with multiple values like you're requesting, but here is an example where the filter on every pivot table in a workbook is reset to a new value on a master sheet.

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