Pepper dating

That being said, pepper plants can get affected by heaps of harmful diseases. One of the predominant symptoms associated with these diseases is change in the color of the pepper plant. In fact, yellowing of the leaves is a common problem experienced by most gardeners out there.Pepper plants turn yellow because of nutrient deficiencies.Roughly chop your peppers then place into a large, heavy bottomed pot.

You cannot go wrong with this scrumptious, simple combination of tangy, spicy-sweet flavor in a convenient little jar.Nutrient deficiencies could be due to inadequate supply of iron, calcium, sulphur, magnesium and zinc.Fortunately, there are plenty of fertilizers out there in the market, which can help you deal with this really great in this recipe, because its mildness adds just the right amount of tang to the crisp, sweet bell peppers and spicy jalapenos.I love using their all-natural vinegar for preserving my peppers to perfection.

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