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There is no middle ground here, and if someone rejects you, you have to remember not to take it personally, even though you may want to. It isn’t personal You know how we said rejection wasn’t personal? Yes, rejection isn’t something we wait for eagerly, but it is always a possibility.

It can be a painful blow to an already fragile ego.

Following up on cultivation theory, Hefner and Kahn found in their study of online dating choices among college students that both men and women who were heavy consumers of romantic-themed media ("chick lit" and rom-com's, etc.) saw potential online partners as more romantically alluring.

Hefner and Kahn’s study shows that regardless of how honestly your potential matches choose to portray themselves, you’ll still read their profiles through the lens provided by your own biases and expectations.Not only will you be able to find someone that you enjoy spending time with, but it’ll make for much more enjoyable conversations when you both see eye to eye. More than just a pretty face Attraction isn’t limited to the way you feel when you look at someone.Yes, appearance does play a role, but in no way is it the primary thing you should focus on.But you have to remember that people reject others for a litany of reasons, many times they might reject you for reasons that have nothing to do with you.However, you may want to take note if you are constantly getting rejected, as it could be an indication there is something you’re doing wrong. Classic mistakes They say opposites attract, but that isn’t always true.

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