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If you need to stay a little longer, you’ll need to pay a little more.

If you need to leave earlier, you’re still responsible for the full 30 days.

Read the full story Uber has now added a 911 button to its app for riders - something it promised back in April.

If you paid first, last, and a security deposit, you shouldn’t have to pay anything and should receive a refund for the unused days.

Once you give notice, keep your landlord appraised of any changes.

Once we entered escrow, I was hopeful that we’d be able to close the third week of the month so I’d have a weekend to paint and then be able to move out at the end of the month.

That’s not working out as planned, but fortunately, I won’t have to pay rent and a mortgage at the same time, because I’ve learned the ins and outs of giving 30 days notice to move.

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