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It was all stuff I had done 30 years ago.” Post-Ship Relationships Not every woman walks away from the cougar cruise with a marriage proposal, like Manderino.Lee said she didn’t meet a special someone on the cruise and only kept in touch with one male friend from the trip.But this is not surprising to Gosse, who said he finds many young men are very interested in meeting older women.“The cubs say they like the older women because they know what they want and they don’t play games.Since that time, the company has offered five more cruises (most recently in December) ranging from three to five nights in locations including Mexico and the Mediterranean.

Several months later, she ended up with a marriage proposal. She described the experience like that of any other event or vacation for singles, with one major exception.

Either way, Manderino maintains that the ship’s hookup culture isn’t any different than what you would find on any other singles trip.

“There is a stereotype that if an older woman dates younger men, then they would automatically date ANY younger man, but we want compatibility too,” said Manderino.

“When I ask younger men, ‘Why do you date older women? “They all say 'because they know what they want.'” She added, “At a cougar cruise, It’s more like, 'I like you and you like me, I like sex and you like sex -- let’s see if we’re compatible.'” Aasla Lee, a 75-year-old who attended a 2011 cruise to the Caribbean, saw her ship’s dynamics quite differently.

The twice married Lee won tickets to the cruise after she was crowned Miss Cougar America at the 3rd National Cougar Convention in New York City. A little more willing to choose instead of waiting to be chosen.” She added that many of the men were drinking heavily on the ship in order to "keep their courage up" when facing flirtatious older women.

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