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One thing is for sure – he has lots of gay fans who hold have major fantasies about him!

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According to the rumor, Welling had bested Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck to play the part of Pitt’s “love interest” in a film called, This may seem like a silly point but anytime a good looking star like Tom Welling gets a divorce, pink whispers are sure to follow.

In October of 2013, news broke that the Tom and Jamie filed for divorce. One thing is for sure about Tom Welling – he is a notoriously private guy!

While he may have had a smooth face on Smallville, there are plenty of pictures of him off-camera sporting a scruffy, sexy five o’clock shadow.

Tom Welling (Thomas John Patrick Welling) was born in Hudson Valley, New York, which is a community just north of NYC.

During his time in Michigan, he attended Okemos High School where he started acting in plays.

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Anytime a perceived friendship or bromance happens between two male celebrities, particularly hot male celebrities, rainbow related rumors are sure to follow.

Smallville (and Welling) won numerous awards, including several He has a body type that is a cross between an ectomorph and endomorph with muscular, masculine features.

His large physical presence may be a reason why he has appeared as a football player in several of his television and movie roles. Male celebrities who are majorly hot like Tom Welling are often on the receiving end of gay rumors.

His father is a retired General Motors executive and his mother a domestic engineer.

As a youngster, he moved around a bit, living in Wisconsin, Delaware and Michigan.

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