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Shortly afterwards it arrives at the Serbian border point, Subotica, where where it's the Serbians' turn.Subotica is the location for much of the action in Graham Greene's novel Stamboul Train.In order for this aspect of tennis footwork to be performed effectively, it must be performed correctly.

This page explains how to plan, book and make a train journey from the UK to each of these countries. All-Europe online train times: de It's easy, fast & comfortable to travel by train from the UK to Serbia, and there's a choice of routes and departures.

If you thought the train was slow in Hungary, wait till you get into Serbia!

Again, you're crossing the great Pannonian Plain, past an occasional pheasant or deer, although wooded hills appear (and the train speeds up a bit) as you approach the Serbian capital.

On leaving Strasbourg, look out for Strasbourg cathedral on the left with its famously missing second tower.

Minutes afterwards you rumble across the river Rhine into Germany, before heading on to Stuttgart and Munich.

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