No longer updating

READ NEXT: Windows 10 review Perhaps it's downloaded half of the update before deciding it doesn't want to stay connected to the server.

Other times, Windows 10 just fancies doing its own thing for a while, slowing your eagerly awaited update to a crawl.

Yesterday I realised that Windows Update wasn't working on my Windows 7 (32-bit) laptop.

It sometimes found updates but then when I selected them and tried to download them it just hung on 0 kb and 0%. Then , when reinstalled SP1 Windows Update stopped working - it just hangs while it says its looking for updates.

For the most part, Windows updates happen silently in the background, only installing after a prompt or when you shutdown your PC.

But there are occasions when it needs a helping hand.

It shouldn’t cause any damage to your PC – you’ll only really be deleting temporary Windows Update files – but we’d recommend setting up a System Restore point before going any further.

Next, you’ll need to delete the files in C:\Windows\Software Distribution. This error might mean your PC couldn't connect to the Windows Update servers.

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However, there may be an issue if that figure doesn’t shift overnight.

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let's say if the new one fails you may still boot into the old one).

And we’ll also take a look at how the privacy and data concerns have affected Instagram, too.

In an ideal world, this wouldn't be an issue – but this isn't an ideal world, and upgrading Windows is never as straightforward as Microsoft would have you believe.

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