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Ronchambeau and his 6000 French troops landed in Newport in 1780; the Franco-American alliance was critical for American victory.The Stone Tower, (also known as: Newport Tower, Round Tower, Touro Tower, Newport Stone Tower, Old Stone Mill, OSM and Mystery Tower) a structural remnant of either a Colonial grist mill or a Viking observatory, depending on your historical persuasion. One of the oldest houses of worship in the United States.Rough Point (1891), the home of heiress Doris Duke. The International Tennis Hall of Fame, located in the Mc Kim, Meade and White designed Newport Casino (1881) has a wonderful museum and many seasonal attractions.Newport Art Museum, located in the Griswold House (1864), an original "Stick" architectural style structure. ), with its granite façade and promenant white and gold spire, is the seat of local government and center of civic activity. Currently, the estate is operated as Newport's only living history museum and features actors portraying the daily lives of those who inhabited, ran and cared for the estate.Belcourt Castle (1894), is the former summer cottage of Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont.

For this, in 2007, the US National Park Service recognized Newport as "worthy" of World Heritage designation. "Newport's Old Quarter, the Arts and Culture Neighborhood" is a delightful walking tour map directing visitors to the cultural and historic sites of Colonial Newport.

White Horse Tavern (1763) is the oldest operating tavern in the United States.

Whitehorne House Museum (1811) features Doris Duke's collection of Colonial and Federal era furniture.

Newport's shopping districts include: Broad Street, lower Thames Street, Thames Street, Spring Street, Brick Market, Bellevue Avenue and Bowen's and Bannister's Wharves. Copies available at the Newport County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Tour guides are available by contacting the Newport Historical Society The AIA Newport Walking Guide by Ron Onorato (2007) is indispensable for those interested in Newport's architectural history.

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