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Update July 20, PDT: Contradicting what I was told about on July 17 about the image release policy, some new images (from the "First Look A" downlink) were posted to the raw image website this morning.

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Selected uncalibrated (CODMAC Level 2) data, particularly image data, will be publicly released by the New Horizons project over the Internet in close to real time." In January of this year, when it became time to interpret that policy for the Pluto flyby, Alan Stern told me that images would be released within 24 hours of arrival on Earth; at the end of April, when they began raw image release, that became 48 hours of arrival on Earth, and that's the policy that applied throughout Pluto approach.I was offered the opportunity to be one of them, but turned it down in part because I figured that, especially with the raw images being released, I could more effectively (and voluminously) communicate the exciting encounter from the outside.It's been harder to do that than I anticipated, and not just because of the halt of raw image release.--ESL New Horizons is speeding beyond Pluto and Charon, sailing a million-plus kilometers farther away each day. Now that we're more than a half-Pluto-day beyond encounter, the spacecraft is seeing again the terrain it observed closely during the encounter, but at a great distance and under challenging lighting conditions; we don't know yet how scientifically useful those pictures will be, although I am sure they will be visually striking.New Horizons will keep being able to point optical instruments at Pluto until the end of July, after which they begin spinning the spacecraft to increase the data transmission rate from about 1 to just under 2 kilobits per second.

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