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One exception is bright sunlight, where the rear camera struggles.

Photos I shot in midday looked blown out, without the crispness of detail you’d get from other camera phones.

Is the Vivoactive 3 the ultimate smartwatch for fitness fans?

is a cheap smartphone with a decent 5-inch display that runs the latest Android software, complete with Google Assistant and an attractive textured design.

BMW claims the latest X3’s design is more confident and off-road inspired – and for the most part, as the road test always has, we’ll leave its visual merits up to you to judge.

Where the car is really going to have to impress, though, is on the tarmac.

There’s some bad news: The device has just 16GB of storage, and less than half of it usable, thanks to the OS and preinstalled apps.

A micro SD slot lets you expand that storage up to 128GB, so the 16GB base is more of a technicality.

(Shocking, I know.) But those few apps, such as My Verizon and VZ Navigator, are nothing too intrusive.The BMW X3 family has undergone a bit of a coming of age in transition to its third full-model generation, something about which you’ll be reading in detail in this review.And that growing up and general maturing process coincides neatly with a dimensional expansion that has made it a longer, wider car than the original BMW X5 that arrived on the scene in 1999.That makes the phone easier for us small-handed folks to use.The E4’s 8-MP camera won’t win you any photography awards, but it gets the job done.

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