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Put it all together with a little help from the editors of Esquire's 17 international editions and, yeah, you've got some sashes, but also presidents, human-rights activists, models with legitimate hearts of gold, and this one incredible actress from India. Because she takes the grand ideals of Afghanistan's fledgling democracy at face value. That's what we thought, anyway, when sought out early in 2010 to find exactly what we found in Minka Kelly, this year's Sexiest Woman Alive, in 193 other women: something different, something beautiful, something that reveals a little bit more about who we are.Let’s cross new and exotic borders and spread the joy of bare vacationing from sea to shore!Together we’ll break down the barriers against social nudity—one cruise celebration at a time!That’s because we’re the first to pioneer a one-of-a-kind, true bare cruise experience. And to think it all started back in 1991 when 36 passengers went all aboard a clothing-optional dive boat.Meet Our Expert Team We invite everyone to move forward with us.Maryam Yusuf Jamal Because she's been running all her life.First from her native Ethiopia, seeking political asylum in Switzerland, then to athletic glory, winning two world championships in the 1500-meter event.

whether you’re sunbathing on the deck or exploring ancient ruins. A Guide to Nude Cruising We’re here to help you get back to basics.Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Kirchner channels the glamour and stentorian passion of Eva Perón.But don't cry: she not only succeeded her husband as president of the country in 2007 — triumphing where Hillary Clinton stumbled — but won in a landslide, by the widest margin in any presidential election since civil rule was reinstated in the country.When was the last time you skinny-dipped with your friends? In fact, we want you to relive that moment with people from all walks of life.Join us in getting to know like-minded individuals who’ll soon be your shipmates for life.

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