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“I was insecure, very impressionable, following the crowd and not living a very inspired life,” Ben admits, adding that this left him feeling “empty” inside.

Once he started expressing his true self, everything changed. “[The Naked Professor] is about sharing my education in learning to live in a better way, and trying to inspire my audience to live a more fulfilling life by being proud of who they are,” Ben says.

We hope it tells a story of living free, not following the crowd and being vulnerably yourself.

* 📸 @alin.ostafe #livefree #freedom #onelife #thenakedprofessor #mentalwellness A post shared by The Naked Professor (@thenakedprofessor) on “My flatmate was seeing a hypnotherapist to help him overcome an injury but he was often late for the appointments at our flat so I was lucky enough to chat with the therapist before he arrived,” Ben says.

However, he knew he needed a way to stand out from the crowd.

It was then that Ben remembered a picture he’d posted four years earlier on his personal Instagram page of himself and a friend having a laugh and posing naked in Yosemite National Park, California.

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Par med mann: Ski bunny heads back to the house for passionate sex with her man. German Mature Older Guy Thai Young Twink Boy - Sex Show.“The tech hasn’t ever functioned very well, leaving me feeling like a large part of my life was in someone else’s hands and anxiety crept in.” However this feeling led Ben to look for control elsewhere in his life: “I used the anxiety as a driver to take action and put my mind towards creating something which I did have direct control over,” he explains.It was from here that an interest in personal development grew.“Initially I was very closed to the whole concept of growth and personal development (and hypnotherapy) but we had some interesting conversations and I eventually opened up to her about an area of my life that I specifically wanted to change.“In short that was a lack of sexual fulfilment - I thought it was a physical issue within me, but we ended up working together and I now believe it stemmed from my thinking patterns and how shut off I was from my emotions.” Ben suffers from a condition called delayed ejaculation, which essentially means he can't orgasm.

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