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If it isn’t, you can meet your friends afterwards to chew it over.’ Don’t go to cinema. Okay – there are limits – no crazy-lady stuff.) Do invite him to ask you for a second date – by sort of suggesting it. It would be lovely to catch that movie/ go to that restaurant, soon.’ Don’t worry about being pushy and don’t wait for him to ask.

Everyone thinks the cinema is a great first date tip, but it isn’t. ‘A round of Guess Who or Connect Four lets you enjoy the conversation while having something to do.’ What should I eat? ‘And don’t pretend to like something if you don’t.’ That said, if you’re a bit of a messy eater, you might want to save the spaghetti/ seafood platter for date number two. ‘If you’ve got the right guy,’ says Sullivan, ‘you honestly won’t need a list of topics.

‘Your natural response to him is the best litmus test to working out if he’s a good match.’ Anything I shouldn’t say? ‘That said, if he’s super-emotionally intelligent and does get you, don’t let him get away.’ Do see a first date as an opportunity to assess him. (Everyone’s done it and we all know it’s a kind way of saying, ‘See ya! ‘The worst excuse I’ve ever heard was a man who said he had to leave because this was normally his admin night and he had loads of bills to pay.’ Sheesh! Do put across a true version of yourself if, perhaps, a bit better than you are (oh come off it, we all do it). There’s no point pretending you’re a gym bunny who spends her weekends hiking, when an afternoon of shopping in Westfield leaves you shattered.

‘Don’t talk about the time you were fired, or when your friend caught you having sex with her boyfriend. In fact, steer away from other men/exes territory all together.’ You don’t have to come across all super-positive, but don’t dwell on current problems on a first date – opening up can come with time. ‘Save the Catwoman outfit for the third date,’ advises Sullivan. Do listen when he’s talking (rather than trying to think of what to say next), and don’t expect him to “get” you the way your friends do immediately. ‘If you find yourself thinking he’s fantastic, cut that thought dead,’ says Sullivan. Say it silently to yourself.’ (Silently, people.) ‘Say “I’m fantastic”.’ ‘Do be nice to him, but don’t make him more important than he is.’ Soooo…how do I get out early? ‘It takes nerves but you could say, “I’ve had a nice time but don’t think this will go anywhere.

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Professional help is always a bonus if you feel you need someone to talk to and express your feelings.

If you ask me, the number one thing people are looking for in a partner is confidence.

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‘There’s limited conversation and you won’t get to know each other at all,’ she says. You don’t want his lasting memory of the evening being you wrestling with a crab. But, if you simply don’t think you can manage without one, jot a few words on your phone and consult when he’s in the loo (or when you are).’ Do ask him questions.

‘If you’re genuinely interested in him, the conversation will flow.’ If you’re curious and ask about him, it will also make you less self-conscious (first date tip: beware over-enthusiastic questioning. ‘Be aware of yourself as you sit with him,’ says Sullivan.

If you exude confidence on your first date it will go along way, I promise you.

Clearly, men tend to be a bit more superficial, so make sure you are in the best shape and putting your best foot forward.

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