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Zac story is very loosely based on his pained childhood and troubles he has worked through as told about in interviews. I’m glad to see that you’re getting along so well.” Izuku beamed in relief.

“Now come, you can have lunch with and tell me all about your crush on young Todoroki.”“ What?!

Zac and Tom are both hiding some big secrets, the kind of secrets that can ruin their lives.

Zac is battling the lasting effects of childhood abuse. Tom is leading a taxing double life, that could end up killing him.

Book four of Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals.

There is a place where two legends once fought, a valley that saw their lifeblood spilled. Naru Hina.) Midoriya and Todoroki are elected to go to the USA by their fellow classmates.....

) "It hurts so much not to have you by my side, but in the end my presence only hurts you more.

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In this Harry Potter AU fanfic, Harry and Hermione are black and both have Asperger's Syndrome. There have been some other canon divergences, like some OC Slytherins on Harry's side (good Slytherins), Draco got converted to Harry's side, and Sirius got his name cleared and is Harry's guardian.

But something's odd about the new school, and the girl everyone seems to single out. So when everything slips through his fingers and he hits rock bottom, a certain teen comes to his rescue. One day during a training camp attempt number 2, villains strike again and the students find themselves overwhelmed.

They quickly catch on to the subtle bullying and slurs whispered in the hall. Izuku will never forget that small act of kindness that was shown to him that day. Doing the best to support his classmates, Todoroki Shoto winds up on the opposite end of a rather unique quirk.

And in Konoha there is a monument, a stone face shaped out of the golden bluff, which honors the champion—the Second Hokage: Uchiha Madara. They've been hopelessly in love for two and a half years.

And Todoroki has been trying to bury those feelings.

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