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I have seen a ton of people that have done it and none of them really post anything about regretting it.

In my area Dana 44's are extremely expensive and next to impossible to find in a yard. Last one I saw here was complete with chromos for 0.

High steer can be as much of a PITA as it can be helpful, depends on clearances and how much work you want to do.

Leave this until you know what you are working with clearance wise.

*edit* Also plan on swapping in an early style 1354 t-case since the CV cup at the front output on your stock t-case can't be swapped out, I'm running a front shaft (extended) and t-case out of a 92 Explorer and it barely has enough angle to work with my setup at full droop, the stock CV won't even put up with an ifs drop bracket lift. Just letting him know that the 30 isn't really a straight forward or simple swap on the 98 Rangers. I should've just got an axle made and thrown a set of gears in the narrowed d44 I abandoned for a 60 in my project rig.

We'll I think I might just hold out until I can find a D44, honestly the truck for what I am currently doing with it holds up well.

Anyone have any experience with the Super Lift for rangers?

EDIT: and Thanks Rangeraddict I know it's not a simple swap in a 98 but other than the Superlift which I don't think is going to get me where I want to be I'm not sure what else to do besides a SAS. When I had my 05 ranger I cranked the t-bars and threw on a body lift and my truck sat higher than everyone with the shifty superlift and I actually had slightly more clearance under the front diff crossmember due to having the t-bars cranked so much. I have a 3" body lift on it now and a very very slight t-bar crank just to level it out with the back.

I think I have done my research I would just like some input before I pull the trigger and start ordering stuff.As soon as you bind your truck up you are gonna snap shafts or ring gears and just to keep it running you will be spending more than going with a 44.Sell the 30 for whatever you can get for it and use that as money towards a 44.I had my ranger for 8 years, 6 years it had 33s on it and 35s for the last two.I did the upper ball joints on that truck twice while I owned it and I did both wheel bearings once.

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