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Drew and Adam Book: A Survival Guide To Life and Love" Dell Books, 1998] he lured listeners with dirty jokes and wisecracks in hopes they'd learn to improve their lives and remedy serious problems. It is also claimed that "girls never make a bogus call unless there's a guy putting them up to it" and, as such, when a female caller was thought to be bogus, they would immediately demand to have the guy put on the line.After Carolla's departure, he was substituted on a temporary basis by numerous celebrity guests, some of whom announced their desire to take the job permanently. It was explained that "girls don't have the bogus gene."Starting in 1996 a specific male individual would call in with a completely honest sounding, but bogus, question.Lying about the size of one's phallus.* Radio Math - Adam Carolla's "sophisticated" calculations used to determine a female caller's actual height and weight based on the caller's claimed (and assumed to be false) height and weight.* Rape-bank - The pet name used by Carolla to refer to the city of Burbank, based on his supposition that the city officials' main goal is to rape their citizens.* Ricockulous - More extreme than ridiculous.Replacing the "dic" with ".'* Stangry - A phrase coined for aggressive callers who are an unfortunate combination of stupid and angry.* Sushi Bar - A phrase Poorman coined to refer to giving a female oral sex.* Unitage - (rhymes with décolletage) or just the unit, this was one of the Poorman's favorite terms for penis.* .* Waffle-crapper -A girl that is so hot that she could crap on a waffle and you would eat it and ask for more.(Usually preceded by "his/her .* Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.- Phrase used ironically to indicate that the caller's problem is out of the ordinary or that a sexual behavior may have serious psychological implications.* Phallacy - blend of and fallacy.

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Starting with the very next caller, and running for years after, the phrase became the most common way for callers to start off their question.* - Adam's traditional phrase of both the "Loveline" radio and MTV shows. Drew created his own sign-off, "be well." As of August 2007, he has most recently used, "Stay well," as his sign-off when unaccompanied by Stryker.* Mason Jar - The key term given by a bogus Loveline caller to declare its "bogosity" and end the call.Together, they refined the format of the show, and capitalized on their growing popularity with speaking tours, a television show, a book, and cameo appearances on television shows and in movies. Whether it be conversations with hosts and guests or specific "radio drops" that they have produced usually from clips of previous shows.* Anderson Cowan -- ("The One-Nut Wonder", nicknamed so by Riki Rachtman, produced "The Drew Shuffle" and "The Drew Boogie")Bogus callers Loveline's response to frequent bogus callers, especially during Carolla's 10 years, has been generally encouraging, so long as certain rules are followed.Carolla left the show to prepare for hosting a new morning radio show in 2005."Loveline" follows the call-in question-and-answer model with the primary goal of helping youth and young adults with relationship, sexuality, and , Dr. Dubbed "The Geneva Convention of Bogu-osity," these rules state that as soon as a presenter has announced that the call might be , they must "fess up." Serious reasons for this were given: If someone were claiming to be in immediate danger, and would not confess to its being a bogus claim, they would be obliged to call the police.It was later claimed by the original hoax caller that the phrase was invented by Adam himself.Adam had suggested it as a better punchline for ending a bogus call than the one used. On screen and in print"Loveline": The TV show A TV version of "Loveline" ran on MTV from 1996 to 2000; it followed the same general format as the radio program but featured a live audience and a female co-host.

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