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Also called urokinase plasminogen activator (u PA)-derived peptide A6.An enzyme that is normally found in healthy kidneys.It is also being studied in the treatment of other types of cancer. Clusters of abnormal tube-like glands in the lining of the colon and rectum.Abemaciclib blocks certain proteins, which may help keep cancer cells from growing. Aberrant crypt foci form before colorectal polyps and are one of the earliest changes that can be seen in the colon that may lead to cancer. A drug used to treat breast cancer that has come back or spread to other parts of the body.Also called Jewett staging system and Whitmore-Jewett staging system.A procedure used to examine the organs in the abdomen.

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We offer a widget that you can add to your website to let users look up cancer-related terms. A substance being studied in the treatment of cancer.Changes in the ABCA1 pathway may lead to diseases of the heart and blood vessels.Drugs or substances that affect this pathway are being studied in the prevention and treatment of some diseases.Also called Abraxane, nanoparticle paclitaxel, paclitaxel albumin-stabilized nanoparticle formulation, and protein-bound paclitaxel.A drug used with prednisone to treat prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.

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