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I'm working with a therapist who is committed to confidentiality, so he's my primary sponsor. People without shame started to displaying my personal information.

I used to be heavy into the paltalk potlics with voo room. Then they displayed my family personal information.

It blows my mind that after a few weeks or months away i just run back to it.

I need to know how anyone else has coped with it and what they did to stop it.

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Chat rooms are a great place for identity thieves and pedophiles to snatch their next victims. Take my advice - Chat rooms bring out the worst in people. I simply realized that they bring out the worst in people and quit cold turkey. Lesson if they can display my personal information on the screen and call me at home its only a matter of time before they reverse look up my phone and get my home address.

When they called my home that was taking it offline.

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