Jill scott on black men dating white women

Magazine last week were fuel on the fire, sparking the latest blow up in the black women and love debate.

While the interracial dating topic is not a new one, the media forecast was just right for a high profile uproar.

I realized that I had been so immersed in the media coverage of Mexicans, that they had become one thing in my mind: abject immigrant.

I had bought into the single story of Mexicans and I could not have been more ashamed of myself.

Jill didn’t just put the comment about “the wince” out there and then leave it alone.

Jill spoke on where the wince comes from, why as a black woman, she feels that way, why other black women often feel that way and most importantly made it clear to people that she was not saying that the wince came from a place of hate. I have seen interracial relationships in my family that have love more real than the ground we walk on.

Her article reminds me of a TED Talk given by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie entitled "The Danger of the Single Story." The author recalls her first trip to Mexico and how American media coverage of the immigration debate wrongly colored her view about an entire country: I remember walking around on my first day in Guadalajara; watching the people going to work, rolling up to tiers in the marketplace, smoking, laughing.

I remember at first feeling slight surprise, and then, I was overwhelmed with shame.

For black women to have served as the venerable paragon of the ride-or-die chick throughout history by literally and figuratively carrying the burdens, hopes, and pains of an entire people on our backs, a black man's "vote" of the African story in America, but it is not the only chapter.

Not only is she the May cover girl for and starting the first leg of her tour with Maxwell, Jill was getting ready to walk the red carpet for “Why Did I Get Married Too?

”, the sequel to Tyler Perry’s 2007 box office smash.

In fact, after her explanation of the relationship between black men and women through slavery, through emancipation and then through the Civil Rights Era, Jill writes that:“These harsh truths lead to what we really feel when we see a seemingly together brother with a Caucasian woman and their children. While we exert efforts to raise our sons and daughters to appreciate themselves and respect others, most of us end up doing this important work alone, with no fathers or like representatives, limited financial support (often court-enforced) and, on top of everything else, an empty bed. So whether I see a happy interracial couple or a happy pair of Barack-Michelle clones, I smile.

I smile because if they could find a love that fits like that I know I can too.

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